© 2019 by Cecilia Peng 


Declutter is a personal project. 

The challenge here is that after graduating from college or relocating for jobs, we all had experienced the pain to deal with getting rid of some of our belongings, from books to furniture, from clothes to electronics. We may go to some second-hand website like craigslist and make a post, selling them cheap, or even end up throwing them away. However, the process was tedious and troublesome. Sometimes we just urgently want to give them away. No money, no hustle. 


That’s how the idea of Declutter came up. Declutter is an online barter system where you can give away your clutters as well as receive some free. There is an old Chinese saying “Present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand.”, which shares the same value as Declutter. Without monetary transactions, the process is really simple. And in order to reward the sharing merit, a virtual currency “declutter box” will be rewarded as credits when users are giving belongings away, and then use it to get things from others.

UX Wireframe

5 major interactions in this app: browse, search, post, activity and profile.

Mockups of homepage, activity and profile page